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  • A Summer Resort on Lupa Island

    Diploma design, MOME, Architecutre as major, 2010

    Designer: Bence Kollár
    Consultant: Gábor Turányi
    Opponent: Tamás Dévényi

    The site of this design is on Lupa Island, a 800-metre long catchment area of the Danube on the northern border of Budapest. This island has unique atmosphere matched with a unique architectural character. The watersport site can be gradually extended by joining the units according to a stucturalist principle. Holiday homes could be more Spartans and tighter in this situation, however, the separation of private and commonly used spaces is a priority here. The network of terraces can be separated with sliding doors also offering shade. There are tiny bedroom-alcoves for two people on the common bottom structure. The other rooms (kitchenette, washroom, stairs, storerooms) are accessible from the outside via the covered-open system of terraces. The system of ferroconcrete pillars beneath the roofing functions to store boats. The maintenance and operation of the site is environment-conscious: the energy needed is provided by solar cells exclusively.