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  • Architectural Photography Award 2017 – Competition Call


    Architectural Photography Award launched by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine
    The main objective of this contest is to encourage and inspire thinking about our man-made environment via architecture-related photographs.

    However equipped we are with the genious technical achievements of the 21st century and the illusions of high-tech, we are still puzzled by the invention of photography which goes back to a past of two centuries. How can a moment of bygone times be preserved and stay with us? How is it possible that so many personal emotions and thoughts are provoked by a single sheet of paper, or an image frozen on the screen of a computer? This is the magic we are now trying to evoke when publishing our new international photo contest titled Here We Are. This is a time when we can have a closer look at the tiniest details and open our hearts to the world of our own imagination.

    András Krizsán DLA
    Chairman of the Association of Hungarian Architects

    The year 2012 saw the moment when 50 % of the entire population of Planet Earth became a town- or citydweller. Since then the significance of our built environment has risen to an unprecedented new scale and level which makes a world of difference compared to earlier periods of human history.

    This change of proportions is clearly reflected in the spread and evolution of architectural photography which we experience all round the world nowadays. Our image of man-made environments as well as our co-existence with urban phenomena produce new aspects from time to time. This contest is targeted to raise awareness of all these tendencies: to view the buildings and humans, the urban sphere and the lives of cities and towns, the relations between natural and urban landscapes with an open-minded approach. As the publishers of this contest we would like to move architectural photography over the boundaries of its professional medium in order to bring it closer to the wider public of non-professionals.
    For several millennia now, the essence of visual arts has been thinking about the relationship between mankind and its environment in images. In the 21st century the humanisation of our artificial environment has evolved into a key issue. For a long time now architecture has not been exclusively a case of professionals specialized in architecture. In the wake of this tendency, architectural photography has also grown out of its former status: instead of being part of the creative activities of photographers who work in co-operation with architects, it has turned into a communicating medium using images in comprehensive dialogues to engage areas of society, psychology, aesthetics and technology concerning society as such.

    An exhibition is going to be opened in Budapest in November, 2017 to present the winning as well as the shortlisted finalist photos of the contest. From here the exhibition is to be moved on to Bratislava, Prague and Cracow at the beginning of the year 2018.
    All the photos exhibited are also to be published in a special issue of the Hungarian Architecture magazine exclusively devoted to this topic.
    We are hereby inviting photographs in two categories: open and professional.



    photography award

    IWAN BAAN photographer

    Iwan Baan photographer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and worked in publishing and documentary photography. He known primarily for images that narrate the life and interactions that occur within architecture. His images of the Torre David in Caracas – a series that won Baan the Golden Lion for Best Installation at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. He has been awarded by Julius Shulman Photography Award in 2010, and the AIA New York’s Stephen A. Kliment Oculus Award (2016). In 2011, he was named one of the 100 most influential people in contemporary architecture world by the magazine Il Magazine dell’Architettura on occasion of their 100th issue.


    TAMÁS BUJNOVSZKY architectural photographer, photo editor of the Hungarian Architecture magazine

    Tamás Bujnovszky architectural photographer, the editor of the Hungarian Architecture magazine since 2006. He has been continuously active with his works in international and Hungarian architectural photography. In 2012 he has been shortlisted in the Sony Photography Award. As a photographer he has contributed to projects of contemporary Hungarian architecture winning several international prizes.

    photography award

    NICOLAS GROSPIERRE artist and photographer

    Nicolas Grospierre artist and photographer. He has presented several collective and individual exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Australia, China and the USA. In 2008, his exhibition Hotel Polonia won Golden Lion at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale for best National participation. In 2009, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland awarded his activity.


    ANDRÁS KRIZSÁN DLA architect, President of the Association of Hungarian Architects

    András Krizsán DLA architect, senior designer with MODUM Építésziroda Kft. is the President of the Association of Hungarian Architects. What the buildings constructed after his designs have in common is their creative adjustment to their artificial environment. His public buildings and residential buildings as well as his excellent works and activities to preserve and protect architectural values of certain settlements and to beautify local environments have earned him several highly prestigious architectural awards. His building named the New Generation Centre built in Zánka has been shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe Award of contemporary European architecture.

    photography award

    JOSEF SCHULZ photographer

    Josef Schulz photographer. He had numerous exhibitions all over the world, and was part of important photo festivals, like CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto and FIF, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Josef Schulz won the European Architectural Photography Prize 2001 and got a Grant of the ZF-Kulturstiftung Friedrichshafen, the Kodak und Large Format Inkjet Award and was the Winner of the Festival „Voies Off“ de Recontres d Arles, France. His work is represented in the prestigious collections like UBS, Deutscher Bundestag, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Deutsche Börse and FRAC, France.


    JAN STEMPEL professor of architecture, head of department, CTU, Prague

    Jan Stempel architect, head of the Department of Architectural Design, University of Technology, Prague. Born in the Slovak Republic, he graduated from the Budapest University of Technology as an architect. From 1984 till 1991 he worked with Libereci SIAL studio, then became co-owner of A.D.N.S., a Prague-based office of architects between 1991 and 2004. He has co-operated in several architectural projects, including a variety of new buildings as well as modernizations. As of today, he works for his own studio (Stempel & Tesar).


    GYÖRGY SZEGŐ DLA architect, editor-in-chief of the Hungarian Architecture magazine

    György Szegő DLA architect, art author, editor, curator of several exhibitions of architecture, photography and fine arts. He had an exhibition in the 1970s where he presented a variety of uses of photographs, then he was the stage designer of productions in the Gergely Csiky Theatre in Kaposvár between 1978 and 1988. From 2001 on, he has been editor-in-chief at the Hungarian Architecture magazine. Since 2014 he has been the art director of Kunsthalle Budapest.



    15. 06. 2017

    Publishing the call for entries

    07. 08. 2017

    Registration starts

    30. 09. 2017

    Latest date for submitting photographs

    15. 10. 2017

    Publishing the finalists

    22. 11. 2017

    Results and opening the exhibition



    OPEN category

    First Prize – 700 €
    10 Shortlisted

    Registration fee: 25 €


    PROFESSIONAL category

    First Prize – 1500 €
    10 Shortlisted

    Registration fee: 50 €


    Only photos made no earlier than 1st January, 2014 are eligible in this contest.
    By submitting the photos, the applicant also agrees to its later use in communication associated with the contest.
    Photos selected as finalists need to be submitted also in printable, high-resolution TIF formats.


    Technical criteria

    5 individual images or series (of 6 images maximum)
    max. 2 MB / jpg / RGB / exif
    file name: Photographer’sName_building_location_year (without diacritics), e.g.: MintaPeter_school_budapest_2017.jpg
    for series: Photographer’sName_building_location_year_ordinal (without diacritics), e.g: MintaPeter_school_budapest_2017_1.jpg