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  • The Old Convent of the Silent Brethren

    The Reconstruction of the Convent Building of the Camaldolese Hermits in Majk

    Architects: Gábor Szabó , Endre Tornai
    Text: Pál Lővei
    Photos: Tibor Zsitva


    The complex of the hermits’ community in Majk where the monastery in the woods still exists, each cell-house with their fences and gardens are unique historic monuments of the Baroque style in both Hungary and the neighbouring countries made complete with many surviving parts of its natural environment. Only few fragments of the original monastery erected on Kahlenberg near Vienna have come down to us, much in the same way as there is hardly anything preserved of Landsee (Lánzsér, today: Burgenland). This convent building which had not been used for decades now was now appropriately facelifted thanks to financial support from the European Union acquired in 2009: by autumn 2014 construction and restoration works were completed, and the first exhibitions were also installed. Restoration was supported by comprehensive research work into related archives and former restorations, as well as by the thorough analysis of functions. Design work carried out with due care was matched by thoughtful contributions of restorers and handicraftsmen. Although the primary objective was to present and display the values of the period when the monastery still existed but some parts of the completed building are defined by relics of more recent utilizations.

    Leading architects: Gábor Szabó, Endre Tornai
    Fellow architects: István Csányi, Tamás Ellmann, Dénes Kerényi, László Rédly, Dr. Miklósné Szabó, Gergely Végső –Tér-Team Mérnök Kft.
    Project leader: Ágota Dobó, Andrea Nagy – Forster Gyula Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi és Vagyongazdálkodási Központ
    Project manager: Péter Dienes – Forster Gyula Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi és Vagyongazdálkodási Központ
    Main contractor: SZ-L BAU Kft.
    Expert of painting restoration: József Lángi, Attila Pintér
    Expert of monument reservation: Mikós Rácz – Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi Központ
    Restoration expert: Miklós Szentkirályi – PARLER Építész és Restaurátorművész Kft.
    Restoration of wall paintings: Péter Boromisza, Éva Fabó, András Gyarmati, András Heitler, Klára Nemessányi, Péter Szatmári – Kép-Térkép Bt.
    Paper restoration: Zsuzsanna Lente
    Ironwork restoration: Szilvia Döbröntei-Dávid, Judit Pogány – Decolux Kft.
    Stonework restoration: Zoltán Zsolt Varga – St.Art 97. Bt.
    Sculptures: Tamás Baráz – Csepel B. Kft.
    Woodwork restoration: Zoltán Marjai – Ars Longa Bt.
    Altarpiece restoration: Lajos Győri, János Maszelka, Kinga Papp

    Curators of the historical exhibition: Péter Sárossy, Dr. Gábor Várkonyi – Forster Gyula Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi és Vagyongazdálkodási Központ
    Exhibition design: Studium Design Kft.
    Installation: FormiConcept Kft.