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  • Local Preface to the Era of Regenerative Architecture

    Szöveg / text: Katona Vilmos

    It is the merit of Kenneth Frampton’s critical regionalism that made reviews a condition and guarantee of objective consideration which tried to find the balance between the avantgarde Zeitgeist and local attachments. But is it modern to ponder about avantgarde now? Are we still living our age which makes architecture compete all over the world with the uninhibitedness of post-criticism for dimensions and fascination? We should choose between the essential and the attractive, and we should consider the same way the continuability of the architectural tradition too. We should also reconsider our concepts of the „other modern”. The creative approach evolving structures and complex spatial forms of the vernacular architecture into unprecedented directions may have an originally natural expression, compared to which art deco interiors of the interwar era meeting aesthetic standards are only of secondary significance. The essence is that in architecture it is not the transcendental idea, but the tactile necessity, intention and mood to construct. As long as there are no power sources available behind construction nor political intentions initiating the application of expertise, then we cannot come up with an alternative against the uniform of the technology and the academic nature of architects’ training.