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  • László György Sáros DLA Chairman of AHA

    Salutatory Speech

    György László Sáros DLA

    Thanks to its membership, on May 17th 2012 I became the chairman of the Association of Hungarian Architects – a now 110 years old widely appreciated association. I assumed this honourable duty for four years with the aim to pass it on to someone of the young generation who is able and qualified to keep the Association going. During these four years our organization must be renewed, which is my belief and ambition as well. This does not mean, of course, that everything will be different, but I hope that we can make progress in many ways. First of all, our priority is to restore and preserve the social and professional appreciation and recognition of our architecture which is an important aspect of our belongingness to Europe also representing high standards and aesthetic values. This organization is Hungarian also in its name – the association of every Hungarian architect.

    László György Sáros DLA