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  • The Heritage-Based Museum Concept of Budapest

    Excerpts from the project description submitted by Zoboki-Demeter and Co. Architects – excluded from evaluation

    Concept: Zoboki-Demeter & Associates Architects


    The city itself is the museum, with its public buildings and complexes, parks and plazas. Along the axis of Andrássy Avenue and in the Castle District of Buda as well as around the Museum of Applied Arts there are outstanding values of Hungarian architecture standing unused and in discreditable technical conditions. The most prestigious routes and districts of the capital abound in poorly underused or deteriorating historic buildings that house the museum complex of Budapest which can be generously restored and developed into a continuous network by integrating minimal new developments. The cities shall continue to grow in the future grow whilst green areas in downtown Budapest shall be appreciated. The City Park is the very first urban public park in the world which was built from public donation, and as such it has to be preserved as one of the most important recreation zone of the capital city. St George’s Square, also referred to as „the Hungarian Acropolis”, is an outstanding essential site of Hungarian history and national identity. The architectural closure of the western side of the square shall restore its original proportions dating from the early 20th century, and the new building functioning as the Hungarian National Gallery shall contribute to the revitalisation of the Buda Castle as a catalyst.