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    The Hungarian Pavilion of the 14th Venetian Architectural Biennale

    Concept: Jakab Csaba, Márton László Attila


    The winning design of the Hungarian pavilion in the 2014 Venetian Architectural Biennale was submitted by Csaba Jakab and László Márton presenting architects’ teams built upwards by considering construction as both a personal and social cause from the very beginnings up till now. The Hungarian pavilion itself is also the scene of such a communal architectural act in Venice. The past decades of the 20th century – parallel with the global youth movements also associated with the Hungarian nomadic generation – also in the Carpathian Basin the interest of young people focussed on nature and the ancient, the revision of relationships to construction. This orientation (also) resulted in the first get-togethers of young architects in camps who participate in institutional training. By now architects’ training in Hungary has integrated summer practices such as construction projects and a variety of teamwork in versatile forms and various concepts.