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    The First Stage of the Reconstruction of Calvinist Churches

    Architects, text and photos: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb

    Nagycsány, Református templom

    Nagycsány, Reformed Church

    The project of reconstructing the Calvinist church started in 2011. This was the time when it turned out that the conditions of these churches badly deteriorated and were damaged by insects to such an extent that their wooden furniture and ornately decorated ceilings had to be salvaged right away. Restoration works have had new achievements so far that significantly expand our knowledge of art history besides challenging us with new issues. Almost 200 years old, the Calvinist church built in the Ormánság after the act of tolerance features details that reflect almost identical formal designs and architectural solutions. Crowned with multi-storey onion dome steeples they are also outstanding structures of the period.

    Architecture: Bartal és Rabb Kft.
    Architect: Péter Rabb, Dániel Rabb
    Fellow architect: Ignác Kokas (Drávaiványi, Vajszló), Gergő Váczi
    Structure: Péter Rabb, Miklós Molnár, Balázs Szabó
    Electrical engineering: Gábor Lénárt (Kórós – lighting), József Horváth (lightning protection)
    Museology: Dr. Tünde Zentai
    Restoration: Ferenc Czakó (Vajszló, Zaláta, Vejti, Szaporca), Balázs Fabók , Margit Kiss (Kémes, Nagycsány), Tibor Pfeiffer (Kórós), Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra (Zaláta)
    Support: Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Baranya County Municipality: Zsolt Tiffán Ministerial Commissioner, Gábor Riegl chief architect