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  • Contemporary Dramaturgy of Absence

    Social Building, Visegrád

    Architects: Andor Krisztián Kovács, Anna Mária Tamás
    Text: Gábor Erhardt
    Photos: Greypixel


    The majority of visitors arriving in Visegrád leave their cars in the disorderly area on the side of the building facing the River Danube. This is why we maya s well regard the building as the gate to the town itself. The calm mass of its roof well adjusts to the character of the long house designs of the neighbourhood and it was a lucky situation as there was the need to round off the doctor’s surgery by the rehab project. Its architecture adjusting to the architecture of the social building integrates the new building into its man-made environment. When viewed from the street, the disposition of the building which houses the surgery, the fabric of the town itself and the supposed market place on the design site practically defined the orientation of this development: the basic formula is that of a cross-shaped barn typically built at the end of the garden, which connects two spaces much in the same way as it rounds off the lot which is part of the town’s fabric. This gateway impression is reinforced by the blending of the exterior and interior.

    Architects: Andor Krisztián Kovács, Anna Mária Tamás
    Fellow architects: Tamás Dancs
    Landscape: Péter István Balogh, József Major – s73 Kft.
    Structure: Eszter H. Temesi
    HVAC: Urszula Jeszták
    Electrical engineering: Gyula Sas Jr.