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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Invisible Monument

    ELTE, Trefort Garden, Budapest

    Architects: Ildikó Bujdosó, Dénes Fajcsák, Eszter Lukács, Nóra Szigeti, Farkas Albert, János Roth, Levente Szabó
    Text: Péter Sugár – Tamás Tomay
    Photos: Farkas Albert, Ákos Polgárdi


    The Faculty of Arts of ELTE University and the Association of Master Architects invited brainstorming projects for undergraduates and MAs of the 22nd cycle of the Associations’s Master School titled Trefort Garden Monument on January 17th, 2014. The monument based on the winning designs to honour the war casualties of ELTE during World War II was inaugurated on November 14th, 2014. The goal of this competition was to design the architectural and artistic concept of the monument commemorating lecturers and students of the university who perished in the world war.
    The completed monument advantageously connects the act of individual and collective commemoration. The site and the meaning are associated with each other in an adequate way. The monument remains invisible and yet has a significant presence. The positioning of the names is central without being overwhelming or pushy. It gives commemoration a personal touch and thus experiencable but avoids theatrical grandeur and pretense.

    Designers: MM Group – Ildikó Bujdosó, Dénes Fajcsák, Eszter Lukács, Nóra Szigeti, students of ÉME Master School; János Roth, Levente Szabó – maters of ÉME Mester School
    Typograhpy: Ákos Polgárdi
    Sculpture and bronze works: Farkas Albert, Tamás Albert, Kristóf Albert
    CNC technology: XFER Kft.