Budapest Architecture Award for Excellence 2020

On November 17th, which is the birthday of Budapest, the Budapest Architectural Award for Excellence 2020 was awarded. It is a professional recognition for high-standard designs and constructions of new or modernized buildings, edifices, public domains, interiors that improve the architectural image of the capital city, or the utilization of a certain part of the […]

Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Prize 2020

It is the 11th time now that the architectural and press prize named Silver Carpenter’s Pencil has been awarded. It also heralded the coming of a new era with the new decade: from this year on, the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) took over the task of managing this prestigious recognition founded in 2010 by […]

Elemér Zalotay 1932–2020

Text: György Szegő Elemér Zalotay, an iconic architect in both Hungarian and international architecture, passed away on November 14th, 2020. He made thousands of designs for the future, but left only a few houses behind which are all excellent, and highly sculpturesque. Zalotay was a fervent believer of Modernism and disregarded architectural circumstances in Hungary […]

The General Assembly of AHA to Renew Functions and Representatives

ELTE Lágymányos Campus, 10. 19. Text and photos: AHA In the middle of October the Association of Hungarian Architects held its general assembly to renew its functions and representatives at the campus of ELTE in Lágymányos, where the annual reports were followed by the election of the new board of the management. Members of the […]

Towards a Better Urban Lifestyle

Architecture World Day, October 5th, 2020 Text: Eszter Götz Photo: Ildikó Fazekas (AHA) Celebrated on the first Monday of October every year, Architecture World Day was initiated in 2005 by the UIA to commemorate our universal responsibility for the shaping and formation of the environment and the habitats of mankind. This year’s world day has […]

House of the Year 2020

The House of the Year Award is an important recognition of professionals among Hungarian architects which surveys and evaluates detached houses and minor residential buildings year by year, more recently also including the latest public buildings. On September 17th, a gala was held to publish the results of this year’s House of the Year 2020 […]

Awards on the occasion of August 20th

On the occasion of the national holiday, Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, and Bence Rétvári, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources, handed over the Hungarian Order of Merit on 15 March, The Master of Folk Art and the Young Master of Folk Art awards. On March 15, György Skardelli received the […]

Vedres György Prize 2020

In memory of the late Ybl Prize-winning architect György Vedres, who died in 1987, his widow founded the Vedres György Prize in 2013, which is awarded annually to an architect under the age of 40, whose high-quality design work resulted in an educational or healthcare building. In 2020, the award went to architect Ágnes Tőrös.

125 years of the International Venice Biennale

Text: Mihály Medve Photo: ASAC Regarding the overall situation of wake of the global coronavirus epidemic, the Venice Biennale redesigned its current events. Roberto Cicutto Biennale director and co-curators described the series of events on their online press conference held on 15 July 2020. The 17th International Architecture Biennale will be presented between 22 May […]

A Statement by MÉSZ

About the future of the Budavár National Electricity Spreader Building   According to news published recently, the Hungarian Government intends to demolish the much disputed, yet iconic Budavár National Electricity Spreader building. The Association of Hungarian Architects is convinced that high-standard architectural works of the past century should be protected much in the same way […]

A New Issue Concerning Lechner’s Revolution

Debt of a Century, Prolonged Text: György Szegő   The greatest master of Hungarian Art Nouveau, Ödön Lechner was born on August 17th, 1845. Now, in 2020 we are celebrating his 175th birthday. Celebrations like this are supposed to be associated with births, but as the evaluation of Art Nouveau and its “Hungarian form” are […]

Awards on March 15th

Architects Awarded Ybl, Kossuth and Széchenyi Prizes Traditionally, the most prestigious professional recognition of architects, the Ybl Prize is awarded on March 15th, our national holiday. This year another two high-standard recognitions went to representatives of Hungarian contemporary architecture. György Skardelli architect received Kossuth Prize as a recognition of his oeuvre, whilst Sándor Horváth and […]