UIA II region meeting and International Convention of Architecture

House of Architects, 5 March, Budapest Text: Tibor Fátyol The UIA II region meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary on 5th of March 2020. It was hosted by the Association of Hungarian Architects (AHA) in its headquarter in Budapest. The main topics of the meeting were presentations and consultations on the past year programs/architectural events, […]

In Memoriam György Fekete (1932–2020)

The Transmitter Text: György Szegő György Fekete, who passed away in April 2020, was an interior architect and designer as well as a culture politician was a key figure. as he defined himself: a „culture tactician”. It would be a difficult task to make a complete list of all the state-managed institutions the founding of […]

Gábor Turányi (1948–2020)

The Architect of Sensitive Modernism Text: Miklós Sulyok Gábor Turányi, an outstanding master of contemporary Hungarian architecture, graduated in the mid-1970s from the Technical University of Budapest, where the already empty trends of Modernist architecture and the strict budgetary measures of “Socialism” radically limited the potentials of architecture in Hungary. From the very start of his […]

In Memoriam József Scherer designer (1947–2020)

Text: György Szegő József Scherer, an applied artist, designer, university professor, a key figure in Hungarian design, Ferenczy-Noémi Prize winner and András Dózsa Farkas Prize winner, a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, died on May 2. He was a versatile creator and, at the same time, a high-impact university lecturer for decades.

Iván Kotsis Medal 2019: János Golda

Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, 17 December 2019 Text: Tamás Czigány Photo: Ildikó Fazekas / MÉSZ The Iván Kotsis medal was founded in 1989 by the Association of Hungarian Architects on the initiative of the namesake’s disciples and reverents. This recognition is awarded annually based ont he recommendations of a team of professional curators for […]

Young Architects’ Generation 2019

Contest and travelling exhibition Text and photo: András Borsos “young architects’ generation” contest and travelling exhibition has been organized by the Association of Hungarian Architects since 2006 every other year initiated by dr. Gábor Reischl, formerly the chairman of Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ). It is targeted to present the best achievements of young Hungarian […]

Szentendre – Cultural Riverside 2019

The result of the architectural competition The Hungarian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture, announced an open architectural application called “Szentendre – Cultural Riverside 2019”, in the framework of which it awaited a proposal for the construction of a unique cultural and leisure center in the historical downtown of Szentendre by the integration and rehabilitation […]

Yona Friedman (1923–2020)

Text: György Szegő The architect and thinker of Hungarian origin, Yona Friedman (Friedmann János) died in his 96 year in February 2020. He was one of the outstanding and exceptionally versatile figures of the urban architectural discourse that developed in the second half of the twentieth century. He drew cities on colossal trusses rising up, […]

Piranesi Award 2019

FUGA Center of Architecture, Budapest, 15 January – 3 February 2020 Piran Days of Architecture (PiDA) is an International Architectural Conference with one of the oldest traditions in the world, whose aim is to assess current trends in architecture and present the most progressive and innovative ideas of architectural and spatial production. The conference is […]

Pro Architectura Prize 2019

The most prestigious professional acknowledgement of architecture in Hungary, Pro Architectura Prize is awarded annually to outstanding works of architecture, urban architecture, landscape design and interior architecture for both architects and designers, who promote Hungarian architecture, contribute to the creation of high-standard man-made environment, the protection and preservation of architectural values, the shaping of attitudes […]

Budapest Award 2019

On November 20th, FUGA hosted this year’s awards ceremony of the Budapest Prize. This recognition is meant to promote the creation of new values according to the ambition of the Municipality as well as the preservation of traditional values, and the development of architectural and environmental culture. The function of the Award is to acknowledge […]

Media Architecture Prize 2019

Founded by Építészfórum, the awards ceremony of Media Architecture Prize has now been a significant professional event for 15 years. Taking place on November 8th in Uránia National Movie Theatre, it was also the first show of buildings and scemes submitted for the design contest, much in the same way as in the previous years. […]