FUGA is Five Years Old

Text: Eszter Götz Photo: Tibor Zsitva The Budapest Chamber of Architects opened FUGA in the heart of the City in 2009 on a site where it could actually fulfil its function to attract the wider public of architecture because of its easy access and proximity. Now, five years later, FUGA is a multi-cultural centre open […]

Towards Ecological Architecture

What architecture may learn from ecology Text: Krisztián Dudics Architecture relates to ecological issues on more than just one level: architectural theory is a participating agent in the philosophical-scientific-artistic discourses of the currently prevailing Zeitgeist, the construction and the utilisation of buildings are some of the most significant media conveying the physical influences mankind exerts […]

Technical Innovation Against Architectural Culture

Energetic Renovations in Germany Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay Sustainable architecture is the greatest challenge the near future holds for designers and architects as soon as in the next few decades as the German government and the decree on energy-saving defines a reduction of primary energy-consumption by 80 % till 2050. This is an enormous task especially […]

Building Facades Analysis

From the Aspects of Environmental Psychology Text: Anna Losonczi, Klára Sarbak, Andrea Dúll Photos: Klára Sarbak Architectural design and decisions may draw inspiration from new aspects by analyzing human beings: how we sense, perceive, experience and live by our environment. What do we know about the sensation of natural and man-made spaces and what can […]

An Architect in the Era of Background Checks

Born a Century Ago: Kamill Kismarty-Lechner Text: Zsolt Ruszthy Kamill Kismarty-Lechner architect was born in Budapest 100 years ago, in 1914. He was a teaching assistant of the Department of Building Construction at the Budapest Technical University between 1942 and 1944. In 1948 he burst into international public awareness with his school in Szikszó especially […]

Media Architecture Biennale Awards 2014

For the second time, Media Architecture Biennale Awards were given will to outstanding projects at the intersection of architecture, media and interaction design. This happened at an award ceremony at Aarhus City Hall on November 21, 2014. Winner Animated Architecture: Energy Tower Façade Lighting (Denmark) The façade is designed by Erick van Egeraat and consists […]

V4 Family Houses 2014

V4 Family Houses 2013 Exhibition Association of Hungarian Architects, Ybl Miklós Hall, 6 October 2014 Several dozen of projects from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are shown at the V4 Family Houses exhibiton. The exhibition opened within the programmes of World Architecture Day in the headquarters of the Association of Hungarian Architects in October […]