Visible Structure

Look-Out on Zengő Architecture and text: Dániel Rabb Photos: Lajos Kalmár In the southern part of the Transdanubian region, in Baranya county, the highest peak of the Mecsek Hill named Zengő treasures almost unparalleled natural gems. The first look-out on this site was built by the Mecsek Association in 1895. This project was managed by […]

Landscape and Time

Extension of a Barn Restaurant, Őriszentpéter Architect: Gábor U. Nagy Text: Nóra Ostoróczky Photos: György Palkó After its first conversion, the Dance Barn in Őriszentpéter was used as a rehearsal room of a dance community. Initially functioning as a kitchenette, it was transformed into a culinary pilgrims’s site throughout the years. As a result, it […]

Grapes, Wine, Gemstone

Lahofer Winery, Dobšice, Czech Republic Architects: Ondřej Chybik, Michal Kristof Text: György Szegő Photos: Alex Shoots Buildings Located in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, the site of the new winery inaugurated recently is a brewery of a 19th-century beer manufactury and the neighbouring technical facility, which was added to the old plant premises […]

Music School By The Lake

György Ránki Music School, Balatonföldvár Concept: Henrietta Bodolai, PTE Technical and Digital Department Tutor: Tamás Kondor Dr. Consultant: Bálint Baranyai Dr. At the very beginning of the design stage, the elementary school and the music school had been two independent and separate units. Later on, due to their joint auxiliary and complementary functions they were […]

The Story of Tátika

Case Study of an Iconic Modern Building Text: Norbert Jankovics, Zsuzsanna Máté By the early-21st century, the technologies applied on buildings older than a few decades, but younger than a century, and typically labelled as „modernist”, had become outdated, whilst their aesthetic values also faded rapidly and significantly. Whenever their comprehensive reconstruction was started, they […]

Far Away from the Designers’ Office

Architects on Holiday Text: Fanni Izabella Magyaróvári Photos: MÉM MDK Hungarian Museum of Architecture Journeys are important milestones of almost every architect’s oeuvre as they may draw life-long experience from what they see abroad, including the landscape and buildings. A tour of Italy had been a compulsory experience of studies for artists and architects for […]

Cultures, Ways of Life and Edifices Along the River Tisza

Text: Edina Schefler This study is based on the research of the constructions of the civilizations and cultures that have approached, lived and wanted to live along, near and with the banks and waters of the River Tisza. The author of the article analyses the technologies and materials used for the edifices built a long […]

To Delete the Past Forever

The Past and Future of Abbatoir, Budapest Text: Tamás Ulrich It is a sad experience to see the disappearance of a characteristic ensemble of buildings which is a sight of Budapest. It was built after an industrial design and opened in 1872 to house the abbatoir. This detailed, eclectic-style building was also a listed historic […]

The Fate of a Housing Estate No. 6. Careful Orientation in the 21st Century

Cabrini-Green, Chicago, construction (1941–1962) and demolition (1994–2011) Text: Melinda Benkő Thinking of modern housing estates, only a few people recall the Unites States of America, as the general image associated with this phrase is that of detached houses on the outskirts of cities or privately owned apartments. Meanwhile, a large number of high-rise housing estates […]

On the Duties of Thinking and the Necessity to Act

András Lányi: Introduction to Eco-Philosophy for Beginner Advanced Students Text: Zsuzsa Schäffer This book written by András Lányi is a comprehensive survey of the entire system of ecological thinking in four chapters based on various associated topics. The first part gives an ecological criticism of modern industrial society, the second is about the relationship between […]

The Meeting of Local Building Materials and Innovation

Droneport, Ruanda Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: The struggle against global warming encourages the building industry to find innovations. How is it possible to build by loading less stress on the environment whilst using less resources that we borrowed from the next generations? The initiative named Ruanda Droneport was launched in 2016 in Ruanda where […]

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