Monasteries and Gardens in Veszprém

Designer: István Gajdos Text: János Géczi Photos: Gábor Gáspár Following the exploration of the historical traditions of the site, the project titled “Monasteries and Gardens at the foot of Veszprém Castle” was carried out after careful preparations between 2007 and 2014, making use of the opportunity of a European Union development period. A.D.U. Architects and […]

Shacks above the Reeds

MAHART base port, Kisköre Architects: Zsuzsanna Antalné Tari, Péter Antal Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: István Veszely One of the key places for domestic tourism is Lake Tisza, the second largest lake in Hungary. Kisköre, located 27 kilometers from the Tiszalök barrage, has been the base port of MAHART for quite some time, offering a wide […]

Below Sea Level

Floriade 2022 World Horticultural Exhibition, Almere, The Netherlands Text and photos: Pál Lővei Organised decennially, Floriade returns to the „beneath-the-sea” tradition of the Haarlemmermeer, which was conquered from the sea back in the 19th century, after „mainland” Venlo. This time, it is held in Flevoland, a region that dried up in the 1950s and 1960s […]

Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

Diploma Thesis, Budapest Technical University, 2022 Concept: Fanni Monostori Consultant: Balázs Kemes DLA The plan reflects on the causes of the existing climatic conditions, especially on the severity of the damage caused by the agricultural sector. A case study examining the agricultural system of rural Hungary offers an alternative solution to the traditional agricultural system […]

Garden and Humans

Thematic Issue of Post Scriptum Our supplement titled Post Scriptum, which focuses on our built environment and its cultural aspects, has successfully reached beyond the boundaries of scientific objectivity on several occasions by dealing with a wide range of topics – such as arts, philosophy, esotericism, literature, etc. For this special issue, we have asked […]

Füvet kéne nyírni

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A bennünk élő kert

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Kert, délen

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A természettel kertészkedem

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