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  • 13th International Architecture Congress

    16 March 2016

    Text: Anna Zöldi

    The 13th International Architectural Congress sensitively reacted to what mostly excites Europe nowadays: it has invited its lecturers with the slogan „the meeting of cultures”. Although there were only five genuinely international lecturers, we could grasp a comprehensive survey wittingly embedded into a framework reflecting our local conditions. It was opened by international workss of Hungarian designers and was finished by the most timely imported architecture arriving in Hungary: the designs of the National Gallery meant to be moved into the City Park in the near future. As an intermezzo of international examples, foreign architects living or working in Hungary were cheerfully trying to convince the audience that Hungary is a paradise for architects and architecture. However, the most exciting revelations were provided by the materials with Hungarian relevance. discovery. Comments reflecting on the contemporary focussed on one of the benefits of modernism which have not been appreciated enough in Hungary so far, namely cultural openness.