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    Budapest Design Week 2014

    Text: Eszter Götz, Edit Pálinkás

    Átvitt értelemben, kiállítási enteriőr, fotó: Design Hét

    Exhibition interior, photo: Design Week

    This October Budapest Design Week organised for the 11th time brought the best of Hungarian and international design to the Hungarian capital, offering a wide range of programs. Our everyday lives are more and more pervaded by technology and the internet, by the use of smart devices. This trend has a significant effect on design as well, for example by challenging designers to make technology an integral part of a wide range of everyday objects, they also have to create designs that are easy and fun to use. Many fields of design are effected by this, and so are Hungarian designers. The flagship programs of Budapest Design Week 2014 aimed at presenting the common grounds, the possibilities, the most recent results and current issues of design and technology through case studies, examples, presentations and thought-provoking discussions. Following on the popular initiative of the past few years, in 2014 Budapest Design Week’s Guest of Honour was the Netherlands.

    Szemerey Samu kurátor A mindennapok intelligenciája kiállításon, fotó: Design Hét

    Samu Szemerey curator, photo: Design Week