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  • DEMO:POLIS – The Right to Public Space

    Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 12 March – 29 May 2016

    Toural Platz, Guimarães, Portugália. Fotó:  Rita Burmester, Nuno Miguel Borges

    Toural Platz, Guimarães, Portugal. Photo: Rita Burmester, Nuno Miguel Borges

    DEMO:POLIS – The Right to Public Space presents the possibilities that the public has to shape its own city. The anonymous, virtual public space of the Internet and the real streets and squares are both locations for people’s demands as well as subject to their claim to freedom. A new project of enlightenment vis-à-vis those in power is unfolding, both on the Internet as well as in real public spaces. Increasingly critical city dwellers are demanding their say in decisions affecting these public spaces. Both the right to publicness and public freedoms are asserted in public space: DEMO:POLIS.

    The exhibition and catalogue show works by artists and architects who include Hans Haacke, Michael Najjar, Stih & Schnock, Foster + Partners, Seán Harrington and A2 Architects, Rozana Montiel. Films, models, visualizations, as well as participatory actions, demonstrate the potentials of public space. Documents from demonstrations and critical art interventions, designs of public spaces ranging from small squares to entire coasts, and insights into the work of successful bottom-up initiatives open new perspectives on a key present-day theme.