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  • World Day of Architecture 2015

    Architecture, Building, Climate

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    In line with the decree accepted by the UIA (Union Internationale des Architectes) in 1998, the World Day of Architecture is held on the first Monday of October every year. This year its events were organised in the spirit of the slogan „Architecture, Construction, Climate”. What is more, the Association of Hungarian Architects also greets this day as the festival of Hungarian architecture. On October 5th, the most prestigious professional prizes were also awarded in the House of Architects: namely, the award for the Residential House of the Year. The results of the contest titled the Architectural Photo of the Year were also published and the most excellent works made by graduate students last year were also awarded the diploma prizes for excellence by the Chamber and Association of Hungarian Architects. Handed over in 2015 for the first time, the Award for Excellence founded by the Budapest Chamber of Architects highlights the best quality achievements of architecture that influence the lives of city-dwellers and also define the city. The specialty of the prize is that it did not only survey the works of a single year, but covered the span of the past five years.