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  • Preparing for Reality

    POLC: The Exhibition of BME Faculty of Architecture Doctoral School
    FUGA, Budapest, 2-26 October 2014

    Text: Krisztina Somogyi

    Napbácsi projekt, egyedi elemek a Római-parton

    Napbácsi project

    At the exhibition in FUGA, BME’s Faculty of Architecture Doctoral School naturally allowed us to get closer by giving us insights into the everyday reality of its trainings. It did not focus on phrasing new theses, creating large-scale spectacles or imposing models, but concentrated on presenting its topic-based activities of the past two years in a simple and authentic way. The installation thus envelops the room with a simple practical thin white wrap-around shelf. Activities are presented in categories, such as Research and Creation, Tendering, Travelling, Traning and Working. Topics are colour-coded at the bottom of each of the 50 tableaux. As the manager of training, Ferenc Cságoly emphasized in his introduction that the focus of DLA education is creative artistic work, or more precisely, architectural creation. In line with this, the most emphatic material of the whole exhibition is creation-research carried out as teamwork and as individual creation-research projects associated with them. The reinterpretation of the role of architects also features works displayed on the tableaux.