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  • Fundamentals – The Foundations of what?

    14th International Architecture Biennale, Venice

    Text: György Szegő
    Photos: Velencei Biennále, Andrea Fábián, György Szegő


    Curator Rem Koolhaas associated architecture with the century of modernity lasting from 1914 to 2014 overburdened with devastating invasions and terrible sufferings. According to him, the „losers” of this era – that is civilisation as such – managed to survive these traumatic events via architecture instead of construction. The latter is only routine, whilst architecture is hope itself in Koolhaas’s interpretation. And he also adds: maybe. A remarkably well-organised exhibition made complete with a vast library, the hundred interpretations of space by the thesaurus of the Arsenale/Monditalia dance festival and film art, the central pavilion housing the mega-exhibition titled The Elements of Architecture offering in-depth scientific spectacle all have the capacity to possibly inspire us. Focusing on the future, Koolhaas asks: „How did we get here, what can we do, and where should we go?”