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  • János Hild Prize 2015

    21st National Conference of Urbanism, May 24th, 2015

    Text and photos: MUT


    Year by year since 1968, the Hungarian Association of Urbanism has handed over the individual award named after János Hild, who had been the designer of the very first development plan of Budapest. As a rule, this recognition goes to professionals with excellent theoretical or practical achievements in the field of urbanism. János Hild’s prize is thus given to individuals who excelled in raising awareness of the urban approach, regional and settlement development and rehabilitation, the protection of special settlement values, settlement administration, management and maintenance by achieving excellence as scientists, designers or professional practitioners of this special field. In 2015 Attila Lantay (chief architect of Székesfehérvár), Frigyes Philipp (chief architect of Hatvan) and István Schneller (head of the department of Settlement Architecture, Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Corvinus University, Budapest) have been awarded this highly prestigious recognition.