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  • Announcement of Eight Countries of the Carpathian Basin

    Kunsthalle, Budapest, 6-8 September 2014

    Text: András Borsos
    Photos: János Szentiváni


    In co-operation with the Hungarian Academy of Arts and Kunsthalle, the Budapest-based art gallery, the Association of Hungarian Architects organizes a series of international events between September 6th and 8th. Official participants of this programme were: on behalf of MÉSZ László György Sáros DLA as chairman and György Fazakas, head of the foreign affairs committee, Ar Esa Mohamed, on behalf of UIA as the newly elected chairman of the organisation, Prof Dr, Deniz Inceday, the chairman of the UIA Region No. II., Sanja Cvjetko Jerkovic, the chairwoman of the Association of Croatian Architects, from Romania Prof Phd Nicolae Lascu, the vice chairman of the Romanian association of architects, from Austria Georg Pendl, the chairman of the chamber of architects, as well as prof Dr. Péter Pásztor, architect from Košice, member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, head of the faculty of architecture in Košice. The manifesto was ceremoniously signed on September 8th in the Kunsthalle by the representatives of the architects’associations and chambers of Croatia, Slovakia and Romania, as well as by the chairman of UIA as patron and the vice chairman of the UIA Region No. II.