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  • Piranesi Award 2016

    Exhibition in FUGA, Budapest, 25 January  – 13 February 2017

    Text: Edit Pálinkás 

    56 projects were exposed at Piranesi exhibition 2016. 34 architectural projects were nominated by the national selectors from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia, and 22 students’ projects were nominated by students’ selectors from Faculties of Architecture from Graz, Vienna, Spittal, Split, Zagreb, Pescara, Trieste, Budapest, Ljubljana, Maribor and AA London.

    After considering all the projects, jury decided that awards go to:

    International 2016 Piranesi Student Honorable Mention

    bridgingMzamba, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    Students: Thomas Harlander, Florian Anzenberger, Fachhochschule Kärnten, Spittal
    Mentors: Marlene Wagner, Peter Nigst, Mario Rinke, Wolfgang Steiner, Daniel Meyer

    The jury recognizes the beauty of the new passarela (bridge) in the landscape. Long profile achieves a very precise relation between the structure and form. The jury also appreciates the social value of the new infrastructure and the capacity of the authors for being involved in this courageous and real construction with a mature result.

    International 2016 Piranesi Honorable Mention

    Fire station, Vierschach, 2016
    Architects: Pedevilla architetti, Italy

    The jury appreciates the simple yet strong architecture with very reduced program. It has attractive and intelligent section solution. With simple volume of the new object architects established a suggestive relationship with nature and topography where little church in behind keeps it dominant role.

    International 2016 Piranesi Honorable Mention

    Jigiya So Rehabilitation Center, Kati’, Republic of Mali, 2014
    Architects: Emilio Caravatti, Matteo Caravatti, Italy

    The jury recognizes the capacity of architects to intelligently adapt low-budget yet perfectly designed architecture into a context of very demanding weather conditions. With very simple technical construction, use of local materials and monochromatic color the architecture sensitively responds to local context. The organization and disposition of different pavilions create very useful inner spaces that provide favorable microclimate.

    International 2016 Piranesi Award goes to:

    Renovation of Plecnik’s House in Trnovo, Ljubljana, 2015
    Architects: Maruša Zorec z/with Maša Živec, Matjaž Bolčina, Arrea arhitekti, Slovenia

    The jury recognizes the architectural sensibility of the intervention in protected house of cultural heritage: architects presented the evolution of the construction with new little interventions where every detail is perfectly designed. Jury appreciates the wisdom of architects for expressing new architecture through the re-use of materials. The project presents the opinion of jury that architecture is in every scale and any program, from big building to little humble detail.