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    The Month of Landscape Architecture, 2015

    Text: Ágnes Bechtold
    Photos: Attila Glázer


    April is a month devoted to landscape design and architecture. This year the rich variety of programmes on offer associated with it continued even in May, including three events for professionals: besides the ceremony of handing over The Landscape Designer of the Year award, there was the Landscape Odyssey exhibition again, and Budapest hosted the debut of the book titled Landscape Architecture in Europe. The latter was also associated with two minor conferences for professionals and an excursion for them to tour Budapest. The award went to Újirány Csoport (New Direction Group), the same team which had been selected with one of its projects as the most advanced and progressive ones in Europe. Housed on in one of the exhibition halls of the Vigadó in Pest, the exhibition titled 2015 Landscape Odyssey still awaits visitors: it actually presents and surveys the most significant projects of landscape architecture in the past 5 years including several Hungarian, a few Czech and Polish projects.