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  • Ybl Miklós Prize 2014

    Ybl Bicentenary, National Opera House

    Since its foundation in 1953, the prize named after Miklós Ybl was now, in 2014 for the first time handed over in the Budapest Opera House, one of the most significant buildings of the architect to János Jánosi, András Kováts, Péter Pottyondy, Ferenc Potzner, Tihamér Szalay, György Szegő, Judit Anna Gerencsér Ms. Szente-Vargáné, Imre Szuromi and Endre Szűcs. The series of programmes in honour of Ybl in 2014 as well as its initiator and organizer Júlia Szmodits (Ybl Association) received a ministerial tribute. „Our task is not only remembrance and the preservation and presentation of our heritage, but also the celebration of of our age and excellent contemporary creators whose works and talents earn both our capital and country a worldwide recognition much int he same way as Miklós Yvbl did in his own time” – said Miklós Réthelyi, the chairman of UNESCO’s Hungarian National Committee at the celebration commemorating the 200th anniversary of Ybl’s birth. Miklós Réthelyi reminded us of the fact that the 200th anniversary of Miklós Ybl’s birth and the 100th anniversary of Ödön Lechner’s death is védnököl by the UNESCO which actually means that both architects are commemorated in each member state of the UN.