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  • The Danube is More than a Geographical Name…

    Apropos of the Regulation of the Utilization of the Danube Bank in Budapest

    Text. Béla Nagy

    Úszómű a budai parton, Fotó: Mű-Hely Zrt.

    Floating Structures on the Danube, Photo: Mű-Hely Zrt.

    Our associations when hearing the name River Danube cannot be described by data of water output and cartographical codes. The river has always played a defining role in the development of both Budapest and Hungary. Connecting a wide variety of cultures, it is much more than a geographical name, which is the result of the plethora of cultural, economic and historic associations attached to it. The River Danube is the synonym of the ecological system, natural and mineral resources, precious flora and fauna, water basis, a source of energy, but also a channel of communication, the scope for action of tourism and waterway, a route of transport, as well as an economic condition, the chance of creating workplaces, developing production, settlements and regions.