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  • An Artistic Form of Reinforced Concrete (1908)

    International Architects Congress, Wien, 1908

    Text: István Medgyaszay

    On May 22nd, 1908 the 8th International Conference of Architects was held in Vienna, in the auditorium of the Association of Austrian Engineers and Architects with the participation of 437 delegates from a total of 10 countries. The chairman of the event was Otto Wagner. István Medgyaszay, then 31 years old, who had graduated from university a few years earlier, participated as a lecturer delivering the study below. In this article he surveyed how reinforced concrete, which was then a technological novelty, may be used for various purposes of arts. This study was first published in Hungarian in the periodical titled Művészet (Art), the editor of which was then art historian Károly Lyka.