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    The 120th Anniversary of the Association of Hungarian Architects

    Text: András Krizsán DLA

    In 1902, when Cifrapalota, one of the best known buildings of Hungarian Art Nouveau was completed in Kecskemét, twenty-four Hungarian architects decided it was necessary to found an association in order to defend the interests of Hungarian architectural art. Hopes associated with this association were precisely reflected in reports published in contemporary press at the time. It was a lesson in history, when talents and the spirit of venture could evolve and gain strength. Factories, trade companies, industrial firms, trade bodies were launched, and the country started a stage of rapid development. A basically stable political situation and system of institutions, a generous treatment of economic laws and legislation, a careful and perspective development of conditions to promote transport and infrastructure paving the way for the growth and development of genuine middle-class towns and cities by considering geographical faculties.
    Throughout its history, the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) has proven on several occasions that its most important task and goal is to represent certain standards and quality of the profession, and to make the wider public of society aware of our unique architectural-historic heritage and relics, exemplary contemporary works of architecture, which are unparallelled in Europe and in the world. Architecture and our man-made heritage has signicificantly contributed to the creation and accentuation of our national identity. Hungarian architecture – due to our linguistic barriers – is one of the most tactile and visible component of Hungarian culture. Representing high national standards and values, it also plays a key role in shaping the image of the country. Outstanding architectural works are well-known parts of the country’s cultural standards and values. Along with the associated arts organically invilved in them they actually multiply the experience of receiving culture.
    Celebrating its 120th anniversary, the Association of Hungarian Architects with its membership of the best professionals in the country represents a spiritual and intellectual potential of the profession which the society of architects and also our nation can rely on and refer to.