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  • A Long-Forgotten House by Medgyaszay in the Civil Servants’ Housing Estate

    Text: Eszter Baldavári 

    Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the birth of architect István Medgyaszay, professionals with the Museum of Hungarian Architecture have been surveying and mapping all the works of the architect located in Budapest in the year 2017. The author of this article has come upon documents whilst participating in this project that prove that Medgyaszay also designed one of the houses belonging to the Civil Servants’ Housing Estate in Rezső tér (Square) Budapest. Typical motifs of Hungarian Art Nouveau, the vernacular style floral motifs of the doorway terrazzo, the highly articulated window designs with prefab concrete components which are all hallmarks of works by the architect, as well as the pierced railing of the stairs show a large extent of similarity with his tenement houses built in Buda, as well as the ornaments he applied on the theatre building in Veszprém. The Design Department of the Archives of the Municipality of Budapest have also treasured some original design leafs signed by Medgyaszay dated from August 1910.