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  • Imposing Panorama

    EXPO Museum, Shanghai

    Text and photos: Pál Lővei

    In Shanghai in 2002 – with the ambition to support the project scheme for the 2010 world exhibition – an exhibition titled „Everything starts with the Expo” was organised to survey the history of the exhibitions. In 2007 a touring exhibition was launched to promote the already accepted project on a similar topic, which travelled all over China and several continents as well. In 2010 a separate pavilion was devoted to the World Exhibition Museum, which was born eventually officially after collecting the relics of the Chinese expo. Each participating country was asked to present something from their own pavilions to the new institution. Shanghai and BIE Paris (the international bureau of exhibitions) signed an official agreement. As a result the institute also integrated the Expo Documentary Centre – it is easy to spot the analogy it has with the Lausanne-based Olympic Games Museum.