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  • Houseing Estates in Towns in Hungary


    Text: Bálint Somogyi

    Baja is one of those Hungarian towns that have a history defined by the rivers and waters as well as their continuous changes throughout its existence. This natural factor did not only influence the geographical, economic aspects and structural features of the town’s fabric so far, but is also reflected in the local culture, the lively water sports events and lifestyles of people associated with water. A total of 16,891 flats are found in Baja, of which appr. 11,000 were built in the socialist era between 1949 and 1990 with traditional or prefab technologies. The majority of these units are located in the western part of the town next to the river Danube on a housing estate of Újváros built within the framework of the 15-year scheme of constructing residential buildings meant to solve the burning issues of the shortage of housing. To make the housing estate more attractive and presentable in the future, a new development scheme has to be created based on a systematic, holistic view and treatment of the correlations of a larger picture whilst preserving both the natural scenery and the historical values of the man-made environment, and also delicately treating the newly build components.