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    On the 50th Anniversary of the Culture Centre in Orgovány

    Text: Mónika Bordás

    In 2019 we are celebrating the culture centre of Orgovány on its milestone 50th anniversary of its inauguration with a variety of events. Commemoration is both a cheerful and an unhappy one now. We are elated because the 50th anniversary is always an outstanding event in the history of a building. This anniversary is a fine occasion to draw attention once again to this „milestone of architectural history”, as a large number of architectural issues and ideas are associated with it, including the differences between archetypal and unique designs, the dilemmas concerning the integration of public buildings into the fabric of the settlement surrounding them, the building materials used, as well as the character of the building resulting from them, the harmony of spatial organisation and flexibility, or the issues of capacities to modernize and energetical renewability which are more and more in focus today.