2020/1 Díjak Szcéna rovat

Iván Kotsis Medal 2019: János Golda

Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, 17 December 2019 Text: Tamás Czigány Photo: Ildikó Fazekas / MÉSZ The Iván Kotsis medal was founded in 1989 by the Association of Hungarian Architects on the initiative of the namesake’s disciples and reverents. This recognition is awarded annually based ont he recommendations of a team of professional curators for […]

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Piranesi Award 2019

FUGA Center of Architecture, Budapest, 15 January – 3 February 2020 Piran Days of Architecture (PiDA) is an International Architectural Conference with one of the oldest traditions in the world, whose aim is to assess current trends in architecture and present the most progressive and innovative ideas of architectural and spatial production. The conference is […]

2019/6 Díjak Szcéna rovat

Pro Architectura Prize 2019

The most prestigious professional acknowledgement of architecture in Hungary, Pro Architectura Prize is awarded annually to outstanding works of architecture, urban architecture, landscape design and interior architecture for both architects and designers, who promote Hungarian architecture, contribute to the creation of high-standard man-made environment, the protection and preservation of architectural values, the shaping of attitudes […]


2019/6 Esemény Utóirat Utóirat 2019/6

Past – Present – Future

30 Years of Károly Kós Association Text: László György Sáros Photos: Lőrinc Csernyus, Attila Kristók The civilian association uniting and coordinating Hungarian organic architecture was founded 30 years ago by seven minor associations in 1989. Founders unanimously decided to choose Károly Kós’s name naturally taking on his heritage and spirituality. The founding masters, Miklós Kampis, […]

2019/6 Esemény Utóirat Utóirat 2019/6

FUGA 10 +

Lessons of the FUGA Anniversary Festival Text: Anna Zöldi Photos: Tibor Zsitva, Ferenc Kocsis In October 2019 FUGA Budapest Architectural Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary, which is a memorable milestone event in its history. Founded in 2009, FUGA has evolved into a brandmark of Gesamtkunswerk commitment, and a genuine and authentic venue of the cultural […]

2019/5 Díjak Esemény Szcéna rovat

World Architects’ Day 2019

Association of Architects, House of Architects, 7 October 2019 Text: Eszter Götz Photo: Edit Pálinkás On October 7th, architects celebrated the Architects’ World Day. The programmes held all day long included lectures and discussions, this year’s diploma ceremony, as well as several other programmes of this year, such as the opening of the international exhibition […]



Budapest 100 – Community Video

In light of these new circumstances the Budapest100 weekend in May has been postponed; however, we still want to show that the watchful residents of Budapest are still the keepers of many treasures. If you feel like sharing some of your treasures, we invite you to participate in the making of the Budpaest100 community video. […]

2020/1 Kiállítás Pályázat Szcéna rovat

Young Architects’ Generation 2019

Contest and travelling exhibition Text and photo: András Borsos “young architects’ generation” contest and travelling exhibition has been organized by the Association of Hungarian Architects since 2006 every other year initiated by dr. Gábor Reischl, formerly the chairman of Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ). It is targeted to present the best achievements of young Hungarian […]

2020/1 Pályázat Szcéna rovat

Szentendre – Cultural Riverside 2019

The result of the architectural competition The Hungarian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture, announced an open architectural application called “Szentendre – Cultural Riverside 2019”, in the framework of which it awaited a proposal for the construction of a unique cultural and leisure center in the historical downtown of Szentendre by the integration and rehabilitation […]

2019/3 Pályázat Szcéna rovat

The Conversion of the Open-Air Stage in Városmajor

The results of the concept contest Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Ltd. and the Municipality of Budapest District XII local government published a tender for concepts of the Open-Air Stage to be built in Városmajor with the objective to collect ideas and proposals that can form the basis for the concept and programme of the open-air […]


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Reconstruction of the History

Fort Captain’s Lodge, Gödöllő, ICOMOS Prize 2020 Architect: Gábor Kruppa Tex: Eszter Götz Photos: Török Tamás / Topogram Located next to the castle in Gödöllő, the fort captain’s lodge was built around 1750 and whenever it was used it had functions associated with the castle. Its spectacular timber porch was an addition sometime after 1900. […]

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The Nature of Transformation

Remodelling a Detached Family House, Balatonalmádi Architect: Tamás Tomay Text and photos: István Gyulovics   Situated on a corner lot defined b three streets, the residential house remodelled after designs by Tamás Tomay is found in the inner part of a settlement near Lake Balaton. Originally built in the 1970s, the building rated as a […]

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Museum under the City

Amos Rex Museum, Hensinki Architect: Asmo Jaaksi – JKMM Architects Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Tuomas Uusheimo, Hannu Rytky, Mika Huisman Located in the heart of the city, Amos Rex is sited across from the 1920s classicist Parliament building and diagonally opposite the Steven Holl designed Kiasma Museum. The entrance to Amos Rex is through Lasipalatsi […]

2020/2 Téma rovat

A Hall for Culture in Kőbánya

The Workshop and Rehearsal Centre of  the Hungarian State Opera and Erkel Theatre, Kőbánya Architect: Miklós Marosi  Text: Eszter Götz  Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky  Opened in 1884, the Opera House has been looking for a suitable venue ever since to permanently house the functions that could not be contained in the historic building designed by Ybl on Andrássy Avenue. […]

Post Scriptum

Utóirat Utóirat 2020/3

Urbanistics with Corona Virus Fever?

Text: Richárd Ongjerth Disasters have played major roles in the development of cities in two different ways so far. Firstly, fires, floods, earthquakes, or even volcano eruptions often destroyed existing settlements, annihilating long-standing conditions, circumstances of existence.  Such events , however, also made it possible for towns and cities to further develop after rebirth in […]

Utóirat Utóirat 2020/3

Manifest for a Better World

From Nobel prize winning economists to renowned architects, 24 of the world’s leading thinkers and creatives have signed a manifesto for a cultural revival of the economy, as reported in european news outlets El Pais and Corriere della Sera. written in response to the current health pandemic, the open letter underlines the importance of culture […]

Utóirat Utóirat 2020/3

Closed or Open?

Thoughts Concerning the Conversion of the Quay in Budapest Text: Béla Nagy Dr.   The quay on the Pest side of Budapest is an integral part of the city, and also a prominent part of the cityscape accentuating the picturesque view of the riverbank from Pest to Buda, the silhouettes of Gellért Hill, the Buda […]

Utóirat Utóirat 2020/3

Collective House, Miskolc

Text: Kornélia Kissfazekas, Ádám Pirity Communal life is getting more and more popular. We can use shared cars, bicycles to  travel. Vacant lots in downtown zones are converted into communal gardens. Almost every kind of household appliance  can be rented even for a short period, including clothes and turning machines. In the field of work […]


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Genuine Modernist

Detached House Budakeszi, German Design Award 2020 Architect: Attila Borsay Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Attila Borsay designed a new detached house in Budakeszi on a steep and narrow site, surrounded b a chaotic residential environment, which was a great challenge. There used to be a dwelling house on the lot built back in […]

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Tisza Forest School and Trail

Thesis, MOME Institute of Architecture Concept and text: Levente Szász Consultant: András Göde Northern-Eastern Hungary is one of the poorest areas in our country. People are struggling with ethnic and economic problems which distort the minds of the children and their world views. The presented forest school project, designed on flood basin, intends to solve […]

2020/2 Terv rovat

Two Schemes for the Prison Block in Debrecen

Debrecen University, Master Training Concept and text: Angéla Soltész, Tünde Zahari Consultants: Ferenc Keller, Péter Kovács DLA One of the half-term design tasks for the 2019 Master Training of Debrecen University was to plan the prison block of the city located in the south-eastern part of the Inner City, next to the Great Railway Station. […]

2020/1 Terv rovat

Making Use of the Wenckheim Granary in Doboz

MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2019 Concept: Miklós Megyesi, DE Műszaki Kar Consultant: Ferenc Keller Built in 1864, the granary building was designed by Miklós Ybl and stands now near the centre of the settlement. Wheat, corn and rye is typically stored here. In case the crop was wet, they were stored in the drying tower. In […]

Creative cities

2019/6 Kreatív városok

Radical transformation

Developing the centre of a settlement, Gyermely Architects: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián Text: Szilvia Molnár Photos: Balázs Danyi Having in-depth knowledge of the structure of the village Gyermely, the team named Gereben Marián Architects managed by Balázs Marián DLA and Péter Gereben found themselves a challenge here at the end of the 2000s. As a […]

2019/6 Kreatív városok

Oxford in the foothills of the Alps

Facelifted Benedictine Convent House, Kőszeg Architect: Robert Gutowski Text: Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz Photos: Tibor Ohr An eventful year started in 2014 when ISES Foundation was commissioned by the Prime Minister’s office to work out a study on viability with the aim to save the architectural heritage of Kőszeg almost on the brink of complete deterioration […]

2019/5 Kreatív városok

The Place Where…

Intimacy, creativity, flow Text: Tamás Fejérdy, Ferenc Miszlivetz, Laura Takács Architectural spaces do not tend to be utility calculations in the case of historic towns, as they are born based on human needs, well-established and fixed habits, the respect of old times, the gripping effect of the view, that is natural, cultural and aesthetic codes. […]

2019/5 Kreatív városok

Treating Landscape Injuries with Art

Volcanoes Park, Zalahaláp Sculptors: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi Text: Balázs Szász Photos: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi Born in a family of doctors and artists, Chilean-Hungarian sculptor Rhea Marmentini started to realize one of her long-time dream at the meeting point of Mediterranean and continental climates: to reconstruct a wound on the landscape of Haláp Hill, […]