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Utopias in Practice Conference

Association of Hungarian Architects, 16-17 January 2017 According to the exhibition ‘Utopias in Practice’ of Péter Mújdricza architect, a two-day conference was held in the headquarters of the Association of Hungarian Architects in Budapest. The lecturers approached the topic by several aspects, some of them were precticing architects, designers, technology experts, art historians, even the […]

Architectural Prizes Events

Iván Kotsis Medal 2016

Prize-giving ceremony Association of Hungarian Architects, 15 December 2016 Founded in 1989, the medal named after Iván Kotsis is actually a “fair play” prize awarded to Hungarian architects by the Association of Hungarian Architects year by year on December 15th, the birthday of its denominator based on nominations by a board of curators. At the […]


Citadella Ideas Competition

Presentation of the Citadella Ideas Competition Associaition of Hungarian Architects, 13 December 2016 It is an old-new tradition of the Association of Hungarian Architects to provide an opportunity to present all the projects applied for the main architectural competitions in Hungary. On the first event of this long-term series of the association the applicants presented […]



Associaition of Hungarian Architects, 18 November 2016 Program 15.05 Greetings by András Krizsán DLA, president of the Association of Hungarian Architects, “Nagyapám Háza” (My Grandfather’s House) project leader 15.15 “Nagyapám Háza” presentation by Ádám Bihari, “Nagyapám Háza” project manager 15.30 Project presentations of 2016 by Boldizsár Medvey and Gergő Radev camp leaders 16.30 SÁRKoLLEKTÍVA presentation […]

Architectural Prizes 2016/6 Scene

Pro Architectura Prize 2016

House of Parliament, 26 October 2016 In the year 2016 – after a short pause – the Pro Architectura Prize is awarded again, this year it could be applied for in five categories, namely Architectural work, Architectural public life and education, Design and design contest, Builder /Client and Contractor. All in all, ten acknowledgements were […]

Events 2016/6 Scene

An Attempt to Dialogues

MÉSZ Evenings – Where are you heading, „Roman Riverbank”? Építészek Háza, 10 October 2016 Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay The discussion of MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) held in October focussed on the flood control and protection of the Roman Riverbank. On the day before the event on October 10th, a peaceful demonstration of several thousands […]

Books News 2016 2016 2016/5 2016/5 - Vol. 16 / No. 89 Magazine Post Scriptum

Henrieta Moravčíková: Friedrich Weinwurm Architect

Slovart, Bratislava, 375 page Text: Rudolf Klein Henrieta Moravčíková, professor of architectural history with the University of Technology in Slovakia published this bilingual (English- and Slovak) monography on the outstanding architecture of Modernism who lived and worked in Bratislava in the interwar period. Approximately half of the hardcover volume covers the resume of the architect […]

2016/6 2016/6 – Vol. 16 / No. 90

Post Scriptum: 90

This is No. 90 of our supplement issue. This attachment has been published with the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture for one and a half decades now as a supplement devoted to architectural theory, and is the one and only periodical continuously published in Hungary which focusses exclusively on theory. At the turn of the millennia […]