Awards on March 15th, 2018

On our national holiday, March 15th several state and professional recognitions were awarded. Of the individuals receiving these recognitions this year we are hereby focussing on those whose activities are associated with architecture, the artificial environment or the associated …

Here We Are – Architectural Photography Award

International Exhibition Series
Budapest, Prague, Cracow, Bratislava, 22 November 2017 – 30 April 2018

The Association of Hungarian Architects and its periodical titled Hungarian Architecture jointly published an international photo contest in the spring of 2017 in co-operation with …

Reconstruction and Extension of Király Medicinal Baths

Results of the Concept Contest

Published by Budapest Medicinal and Thermal Baths Co., the open secret conceptand design contest targeted the reconstruction and extension of Király Medicinal Baths with the partnership of the Association of Hungarian Architects in organisation. …

Open Formation

National University of Public Service, Training Building, Budapest

Architects: József Finta, Tamás János Szabó, Zoltán Kulcsár
Text: Bálint Botzheim
Photos: György Palkó

The new training building of the National University of Public Service has been inaugurated as part of …

Parallel Stories

Reviving St Martin of Tours Parish Church

Architects: Tamás Berecz, Attila Batári
Text: Levente Szabó
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Architect István Szabó designed his well-known churches at the end of his career, during his retirement years, but he had become …

Perspective, Arch, Tale and Perspective

Clark Hotel, Budapest

Architect: Anthony Gall
Text: Krisztina Somogyi
Photos: József Hajdú, Tamás Bujnovszky

Opened to the public in March, Hotel Clark Budapest makes it difficult for us to imagine that for more than 70 years there had been …

One-Night Stand

Ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel, Ferihegy

Architect: László Szerdahelyi
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

After waiting for it for a decade, the airport in Ferihegy at last was given a hotel. It was not built in the city, …

Leipzig Book Fair 2018

The Hungarian Pavilion

Concept and text: Hetedik Műterem
Photos: Balázs Danyi

In the exhibition space of the Leipzig Book Fair, spanning several thousand square meters, every spring the most recent Hungarian books translated to German are displayed in the …

Set on Track

TVE Sports Centre, Óbuda

Architect: János Plájer
Text: Sándor Csontó
Photos: Zsolt Batár

In 2017 the citizens of Óbuda came into possession of the new recreation centre of the Sports, Gymnastics and Fencing Association of District III. The comprehensive …

Treasure from Bread

Reconstruction of a Historic Granary, Budajenő

Architect: Balázs Csóka
Text: Anna Szövényi
Photos: Zsófia Kedves

A Baroque-style granary has been restored in Budajenő, the original timber structure of which dates back to the 1700s, featuring a roofing supported by …

Unity Made Complete

Lutheran Kindergarten, Győr

Architect: Péter Ráskai
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The evangelical district of Győr called Insula Lutherana is a unique architectural complex with its insular embedding into the city fabric. The structure of this extraordinary development …

Embracing walls

Kindergarten, Niederolang

Architects: feld72
Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay
Photos: Hertha Hurnhaus

The house for a kindergarten in Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol, illustrates the local mesh of tradition, contemporary life and nature within the slowly grown village structure. This third …