The Missing Link

Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, June 1st-July 8th

Text: Anna Zsoldos
Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn ©IABR

IABR, the architectural biennale organised in Rotterdam was launched in 2001, and this was the 8th time it took place now. During these years the event …

Cabin fever

Hello Wood Camp, Csórompuszta, July 7th-16th, 2018

Text: Anna Zsoldos
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Hello Wood’s project for this summer was a huge and risky task: during the ten days of the camp the team of students worked on building …

Pál Csonka Medal Award 2018

The Association of Hungarian Architects founded a memorial medal to honour Professor Pál Csonka in 1988, which this year was awarded to a tandem of architects, Dénes Patonai DLA prof. emeritus architect and (posthumously) Bence Nagy Ybl prized structural …

A Go-Round about Architecture

Reaching its 100th jubilee, the supplementary theoretical periodical of Hungarian architecture titled Utóirat / Post Scriptum was launched in 2001. As we intended to make this occasion a popular celebration, we addressed prominent professionals of Hungarian architecture and the …

Is Post Scriptum a Postscript?

To the 100th issue of Post Scriptum, the supplementary publication of Hungarian Architecture

Text: Rudolf Klein

The column of Hungarian Architecture titled Post Scriptum has collected an exciting collection of high-standard articles in the past 17 years that could …

In Retrospect

A selection of articles from the supplementary Post Scriptum reaching its 100th edition

The transformation of the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture in 2001 offered a chance to launch a new, independent theoretical supplement as part of our publication. It …

Tattersall 2.0

The Reconstruction of the National Equestrian Centre

Architect: Péter Kis, Alfréd Peschka, Ákos Dobrányi
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Zsolt Batár

The fate of the National Equestrian Centre had been uncertain for a long time, up until 2011, when it …

Tune Up

DVTK soccer stadium, Diósgyőr

Architect: Péter Pottyondy
Text: Csaba Bodonyi
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky, Balázs Danyi, Róbert Perness

The new soccer stadium in Disgyőr by Péter Pottyondy does not follow the typical and familiar ash-tray or jar design showing a …

Flag on the Guard

Ludovika Sports Centre, Budapest

Architect: György Skardelli
Text: Bálint Botzheim
Photos: Eszter Walton

The new sports centre of the Hungarian National Public Service University serves two main types of activities. The first one includes sports that are directly associated …

Indicative Mood

New Market Hall and Cultural Events Centre, Újpest

Architect: Zoltán Bun
Text: Szilvia Molnár
Photos: József Hajdú

Church, city hall, market place – the centre of a city can hardly do without these classic facilities. They are also independent …

Sown seed

Luther Chapel, Pestszentimre

Architect: András Krizsán
Text: Erzsébet Maczkó
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

In 2007, when the idea to construct the chapel in Pestszentimre was reborn in the Parish church, the members of the congregation started to pray and work …

A Stop-Gap Building

The House of Jewish Excellences, Balatonfüred

Architect: Péter Sugár
Text: Tamás Kiss
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

In Balatonfüred, more precisely in the district named Ófalu there is an old-new building standing in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road that reflects rational simplicity. Behind the …