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  • Harmony

    Holiday Home on a Lakeshore, Hardanger, Norway

    Architects: Todd Saunders, Tommie Wilhelmsen
    Text: Brigitta Bugya
    Photos: Saunders Architects


    Built near the university town of Bergen in Norway, the lakeside holiday home is the first realized work by a new architectural team meant for their own purposes. After its foundation they decided not to look for a client but an ideal area, where they can establish their fame withut any restrictions and with the widest scope of creative liberty in a breathtaking intact natural environment. The small scale and the non-restricted nature of the architectural programme both contribute to the maximum utilization of the facilities of the environment. The project started on the shore of a fjord on the edge of a dense forest nestles into the landscape with its delicate contrasts: on the one hand it is the intact nature present, on the other hand there is the manmade creation with the powers of an object and the two have found a harmony by embracing each other.