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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The Port of Culture

    Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

    Architects: Boje Lundgaard, Lene Tranberg
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Adam Mork, Jens Lindhe, Signe Baadsgaard


    It is much too rare an occasion to have an undeveloped area in the busy city centre where new large-scale cultural investments may be realized. The Danish Royal Theatre was erected in downtown Copenhagen at the junction of Frederiksstaden – a district created back in the 18th century – and the harbour of the capital. Danish architects Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg have made use of light and shadow as well as the dynamism of a variety of materials and surfaces to create a building in which the theatre itself appears as a mystical experience. Promenades above the water, transparent glass surfaces and a sculpturesque tower are the components defining the building itself: even though these components could hardly be more different from one another, they come to merge in a harmonious and whole unit.

    Client: Ministry of Culture
    Client consultants: Moe & Brødsgaard & Erik Møllers Tegnestue
    Architecture: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitektfirma A/S
    Engineers: COWI A/S
    Acoustics: Gade & Mortensen Akustik A/S
    Theater engineering: Ramböll AB Sverige
    Artwork, Lighting Design: Jesper Kongshaug
    Graphic design: Aggerbo & Henriksen