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  • Budapest Architectural Award 2022

    FUGA, 11. 18.

    Presented on 18th November each year on the anniversary of the unification of Budapest, the capital city’s birthday, the aim of this award is to promote the creation of new values, the preservation of traditional values and the development of architectural and environmental culture. In keeping with tradition, the award ceremony this year was held once again at the FUGA. The competition is open to works of art located within the administrative boundaries of Budapest that enhance the architectural image of Budapest or the use and appearance of a district. Out of the 24 valid entries submitted, the jury proposed to award one work of outstanding architectural quality with the Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence and five works of high architectural quality with the Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence Honourable Mention.
    Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence: Vizafogó Park and Pavilion Building (designers of the park: János Hómann, Máté Pécsi – Objekt Landscape Architects, designers of the pavilion building: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus – Archikon Architects. Attila 99 Loft apartment building (designers: Tibor Dékány, Ádám Hatvani); KOZMO hotel and condominium apartments in the former Józsefváros Telephone Centre building (designers: Draskóczy Gergely, Mészáros Gabriella); Bakáts tér and the connecting streets (designers: István Steffler, György Szloszjár); Villa A15 (designers: Katalin Fazekas DLA, Árpád Vilics); Zöldike Nursery, Budafok (designers: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus).