Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award 2022

Júlia Őry, Máté Hulesch The Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award was founded in 2010 by the Foundation for the Hungarian Arts, at the initiative of architects Attila Komjáthy and his wife, Ilona Komjáthyné Kremnicsán. The recognition makes the press work for Hungarian architecture visible to the general public. It is awarded for quality journalistic activity appearing […]

Association of Hungarian Architects 120

Anniversary meeting and book presentation, House of Architects, 10. 26. He celebrated the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Hungarian Architects with a commemoration. At the event, AHA also presented the volume published for the anniversary. The commemorative meeting was introduced by the greeting of president András Krizsán, and then Ferenc Müller, […]

Healing Architecture

Selected Writings of János Gerle Text: Attila Turi With the support of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the Association of Hungarian Architects has published a volume of writings titled Healing Architecture written by János Gerle (1947‒2012), architect and writer, who died ten years ago. Its size, format and paper binding suggest a book easy to […]

Prima Primissima Award 2022

Architecture category: Péter Sugár On December 2nd, this year’s Prima Primissima Awards honoring prominent representatives of Hungarian intellectual life, art, science and sport were presented in the framework of a festive gala evening at the Müpa, Budapest. In the Hungarian architecture category, Péter Sugár, an architect and university professor, received the award, while Tamás Getto […]

Budapest Architectural Award 2022

FUGA, 11. 18. Presented on 18th November each year on the anniversary of the unification of Budapest, the capital city’s birthday, the aim of this award is to promote the creation of new values, the preservation of traditional values and the development of architectural and environmental culture. In keeping with tradition, the award ceremony this […]

Media Architecture Awards 2022

Uránia National Film Theatre, 12 November On 12th November, for the 18th time, the most outstanding works of this year were recognised at the Media Architecture Awards Gala at the Uránia National Film Theatre. Founded by Építészfórum (Architects’ Forum), the Media Architecture Awards are a unique event in that the assessment is open to the […]

UFO Runway in the Hungarian Fallow

Fruit Processing Plant, Nyíradony Architect: Dezső Ekler Text: Rita Tuczai Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Designed by Dezső Ekler, the fruit processing plant is a striking feature of the sandy plain of Nyíradony. Its dark reinforced concrete block rises from the ground in a detailed but powerful, experimental gesture. Its startling volumes and form are a novelty […]

Cube in Place

New Building of SOTE, Faculty of Health Sciences, Budapest Architects: Imre Bődi, Zsolt Frikker Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: Balázs Danyi The new block of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University confidently occupies its place within the complex, which was formerly a convalescent hospital and then was expanded with the site of the neighbouring […]

Henrik Haggenmacher’s Legacy

Hotel Oktogon, Budapest Architecture: Archikon Architects Text: Károly Bugár-Mészáros Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Having been in ruins for a long time, a beautiful palace on Andrássy Avenue has been reborn as a hotel now. Archikon’s architects have made a masterful use of the valuable parts of the building, making additions to the existing cubature only by […]

Curves Shaped into Space

The Renovation of the Voss Orphanage in Sopron Architect: Dávid Józsa Text: Róbert Jahoda Photos: Balázs Danyi In Sopron, the two-storey Baroque-style building of the former Catholic orphanage was renovated in 2020 as part of a day nursery development programme. The reconstruction and extension project was designed by Dávid Józsa, an architect based in Sopron, […]

New Layers

Atrinova Office Building, Budapest Architects: Zsolt Zsuffa, László Kalmár, Péter Kronavetter Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Zsolt Hlinka Located within the historic urban fabric of Budapest, the “office corridor” along Váci Road right after Nyugati Square requires a very different approach to the image of the former rust belt that stretches from Újpest to Angyalföld. This […]

City in the City

OTP Headquarters, Budapest Architects: László Földes, János Mónus, László Tóth Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Bálint Jaksa The 21st century has already brought many unexpected changes to human life. Flexibility has become one of the key factors for the success of individuals and communities of various sizes. Designed by László Földes, János Mónus and László Tóth, […]