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  • Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award 2022

    Júlia Őry, Máté Hulesch

    The Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award was founded in 2010 by the Foundation for the Hungarian Arts, at the initiative of architects Attila Komjáthy and his wife, Ilona Komjáthyné Kremnicsán. The recognition makes the press work for Hungarian architecture visible to the general public. It is awarded for quality journalistic activity appearing in printed or electronic media products that contributes to the promotion of Hungarian architecture and construction.
    From 2020, the award was accepted by the Association of Hungarian Architects, and following tradition, two artists could receive it again this year on December 5, the Monday after the day of St. Barbara, the patron saint of master builders and architects, at the House of Architects, Budapest. This year, the professional jury awarded the prize to Júlia Őry, the previous artistic director of FUGA, and to Máté Hulesch, journalist-editor of Építészfórum.