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  • A Strategy for Rebirth

    Life in the Zsolnay Cultural District, Pécs

    Architects:  Kata Csaba, László Herczeg, János Tamás Pintér Text: Barnabás Winkler

    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The fame of Pécs has been more established since 2010 when it was the European Cultural Capital. The motorway from Budapest was completed, along with the House of Sciences, the Kodály Centre and many facelifted squares and public buildings. However, the greatest achievement of the rewarding title is the birth of the Zsolnay Cultural District. The premises of the famous Zsolnay manufacture was divided into two parts by the management after the city gained the title. The part embracing the valuable and precious complex of historical significance was transformed into the Zsolnay Cultural District in cooperation with the city of Pécs by the winners of a tender. The development is of national importance matched with the salvage of values and the protection of historical monuments where we can witness the high-standard presentation and reinterpretation of the protected industrial premises. This is a site where the museum-type exhibition is matched with the presentation of contemporary arts which is now provided with a suitable environment and a guarantee for offering venues for the training of young people engaged in arts. The complex is a celebration of tradition and contemporary cooperation.