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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Space for Community

    Primary School on the bank of the River Tisza, Szeged

    Architect: György Sipos Text: Lajos Jeney Photos:  Tibor Zsitva

    Designers had an extraordinarily difficult task here when modernizing an existing complex with access to only a fragment of the allocated site. The fact that modernization still has been successful and thus a total of 550 children can learn in an appropriate building is owing to the efficient and professional cooperation of the teachers, architects and builders, starting from the designing programme based on the pedagogical programme till the completion. The high standard of cooperation is characterized by the fact that the project covered everything from the creation of the spatial framework for modern educational and training work to the preservation of the century-old tree standing on the site.
    The cacophony of he buildings erected here in various periods did not prevent the designers from creating a tranquil and cultured harmony.

    Felelős tervező / leading architect: Sipos György
    Építész munkatársak / fellow architects: Simó Anna, Egedi Gergely, Balla Jenő, Nagy Judit, Vig Viktor
    Statika / structure: Lakatos László, Mérfalvi Nándor
    Gépészet / technical installations: Domonkos László, Bodó Attila
    Elektromos tervezés / electrical engineering: Papp Antal
    Kerttervező / garden design: Rácz Mária
    Közmű / public utilities: Udvardy Endre
    Megbízó / client: Szeged Önkormányzata
    Kivitelező / main contractor: K’Art Építő Zrt.