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    The New Building of the Czech Technical University

    Architects: Lukáš Ehl, Tomáš Koumar, Alena Šrámková Text:  Gyöngyvér Szabó, Orsolya Zsovák Photos: Ivan Němec, Tomáš Souček

    Photo: Ivan Němec

    As the greatest invention of its past 35 years, the Czech Technical University (CVUT) has found a home for its architectural faculty in the academic district in Prague. The campus in Dejvice district has been evolved and developed with academic and training functions now after the construction of the Students’ House and that of the National Technical Library. Viewed from the outside, the building appears modest and restrained, but it is a worthy continuation of the existing complex formerly built after an integral concept of urban development. Built with a record speed, within 18 months, this institute is disguised in rigidity – its interiors are homogeneous and dark grey filtered with the autonomous creative spirit day by day. Its transparent and logical spatial organization sets a model with order without ‘academic’ discipline. Its designers shaped the construction in line with the maintenance mechanism which proves to be energy-efficient owing to this.

    Építész / architecture: Šrámková Architekti

    Vezető építész / leading architect: Alena Šrámková

    Építészek / architects: Lukáš Ehl, Tomáš Koumar, Alena Šrámková – Šrámková Architekti

    Generáltervező / general planner: VPÚ Deco, Prága

    Megbízó / client: Cseh Műszaki Egyetem