Healthy Cities – Happy Cities

World Architecture Day in the Architects’ House 2014 The first Monday of October is traditionally about architecture all over the world. The UIA, as the international association of architects scheduled the world day of the profession for this day. The Association of Hungarian Architects has organised a variety of programmes for this year on the […]

Announcement of Eight Countries of the Carpathian Basin

Kunsthalle, Budapest, 6-8 September 2014 Text: András Borsos Photos: János Szentiváni In co-operation with the Hungarian Academy of Arts and Kunsthalle, the Budapest-based art gallery, the Association of Hungarian Architects organizes a series of international events between September 6th and 8th. Official participants of this programme were: on behalf of MÉSZ László György Sáros DLA […]

Architectural Time Travel

UIA World Congresses 1978–1996 Text: Judit Osskó Unique in its kind as a worldwide organisation of architects, UIA (Union internationale des Architectes) was founded in 1948 in Lausanne. Not many people know that its founder was Pierre Vago, a Hungarian-born architect. He was only twenty years old when he started to work as editor-in-chief for […]

A függöny felemelkedik

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Fundamentals – The Foundations of what?

14th International Architecture Biennale, Venice Text: György Szegő Photos: Velencei Biennále, Andrea Fábián, György Szegő Curator Rem Koolhaas associated architecture with the century of modernity lasting from 1914 to 2014 overburdened with devastating invasions and terrible sufferings. According to him, the „losers” of this era – that is civilisation as such – managed to survive […]

14th International Architecture Exhibition Venice

Death in Venice Szöveg: Hatvani Fotók: Hatvani, László György Sáros, International Architecture Exhibition Venice According to previous information, this biennale was meant to be different from all the former ones. The Koolhaas method, „more and more, more is more…”, condensification has proven to be efficient here as well. Themes crowded beneath the head word Fundamentals […]

I. National Architecture Salon

Műcsarnok, Budapest, 3 June – 7 September 2014 Text: Kas Oosterhuis Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Knowing Hungary from the inside out as from 1978 thanks to my partner in life and business Ilona Lénárd who was born and raised in Budapest, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer professionalism of the presented built project and of […]

Ybl Miklós Prize 2014

Ybl Bicentenary, National Opera House Since its foundation in 1953, the prize named after Miklós Ybl was now, in 2014 for the first time handed over in the Budapest Opera House, one of the most significant buildings of the architect to János Jánosi, András Kováts, Péter Pottyondy, Ferenc Potzner, Tihamér Szalay, György Szegő, Judit Anna […]

„Connecting the skies with Earth…”

Imre Makovecz Oeuvre Exhibition, Vigadó, 03. 15. – 09. 21. 2014 Text: Katalin Dávid Photos: Erzsébet Maczkó March 15th saw the opening of Imre Makovecz’s oeuvre exhibition in the newly facelifted Vigadó building, which is now the new of the Hungarian Art Academy, with the ceremonious inauguration speech of Katalin Dávid art historian. „A short […]

Castle Garden Bazaar Revives

Prelude to the Year of Miklós Ybl Photo: Tibor Zsitva The 200th anniversary of Miklós Ybl’s birth and the commemoration year devoted to him is the apropos for us to remember the influences and afterlife of his achievements by publishing a series of excerpts with reference to Henszlmann, F. A. Stüler, Frigyes Feszl, Vilmos Zsolnay […]