Culture Centre in Terézváros

Sitting on the lot at issue, the two-storey blck of flats with an outside corridor towards its cortile lost its Eclectic-style facade architecture after World War II which was even more exuberant than usual the building and only attracted attention by its naked insignificance for decades.

University in Boxes

The tender for one of the newest universities of Denmark was won by Henning Larsen Architects in 2000. Four years later IT University moved into its new home built in a corner of the northern part of Oerestad, the newest district of Copenhagen nearest the inner city.

Iván Kotsis: “My Biography”

Compared to its significance, the monumental oeuvre of Iván Kotsis is less widely known. The wider public – that is non-professionals with some architectural erudition – have probably heard of only one of his projects which does not even exist any more.

Wholeness in Details

The reconstruction of the main building housing the Faculty of Arts of Loránd Eötvös University Tudományegyetem in Múzeum Boulevard has just been completed. Its facades facing the boulevard and Trefort Garden are graced by coloured brick and glazed ceramics almost invisible before the facelift.

Blues 2010

Frigyes Kőnig’s interests are – simplified – representations of space, quasi-historical, archaic and reproductive representation, plastic representations of people. He explores basic visual problems, such as vision, proportions, different perspectives and how they alter what we see, in his works that are still autonym, and aesthetically valuable.

The Rebirth of a House by Lake Balaton, Tihany

Sitting on a lot with exceptional faculties and a panoramic view, there are three edifices here: a main structure with a garage on the southern confines and an auxiliary building of also residential function along the northern one. Erected in the 1930s, the main building is a single-storey structure with a T-shaped design evokes Romantic atmosphere.

Outstanding coherency

Nowadays it is a sort of commonplace to refer to Switzerland as a great power in architecture even outside the world of professionals in the narrow sense. Many architects and designers of international fame, excellent schools of architecture, the relative abundance of money and fastidiousness (that of design, execution and clients) probably owing to the beauties of its natural environment…

Relation and Recomposition

Supporting newly started minor enterprises by providing them rooms to rent, an incubator house relies upon the rich infrastructure of the location. Hidden behind the label „industrial park”, the idea of high standards illustrates the intended directions of development as opposed to the heterogenuos uncertainty of native reality in Hungary.

Architectural typology

Dubravka Dukanović:
Serbian Ortodox Churches

of the 18th and the 19th Centuries in Bačka

Depth Perception

Based in Cluj Napoca, this periodical offers wide horizons in its subtitle: Forum – Culture – Science. Its almost exclusively topic-related issue includes a valuable selection of writings on civic design and urbanistics. The theoretical reasoning is followed by analyses concerning us more directly.

Chinese Art in Europe

Sit in China
An Excursion through 500 Years of the Culture of Sitting

Art for the Millions
100 Sculptures from the Mao Era

Boulle – A new Style for Europe

The first retrospective ever to be held about the most celebrated cabinetmaker of all time. Within a contextual presentation bringing together his works with highly important paintings, tapestries, bronzes and mounted porcelain, a captivating portrayal of the birth and flowering of a completely new aesthetical universe, which was to become the European model for centuries to come.