In-Between High-tech and Simplicity

Detached Family House, Pécs, Mecsek-Side Architect: Tamás Getto, Tímea Schunk Text: Gergő Radev Photos: Márton Getto, Tímea Schunk The client contacted the designers with a ready-made written programme of the rooms to be contained in the would-be house and a firm, well-defined comprehensive concept in mind which was eventually realized and implemented by Tímea Schunk […]

A Hidden Sacral Axis

St Gellért Hotel and Study House, Székesfehérvár Interior design: Pál Somogyi Text: János Dobó Photos: József Rosta Guests, residents and visitors to St Gellért Hotel and study house in Székesfehérvár may witness today the rebirth of both the exterior and interior – a project which proves a most yielding meeting of the client, architects, interior […]

Kossuth Mausoleum Salvaged

The renewed monument was opened Architect: Kálmán Gerster, 1909 Text: György Szegő Photos: László Sebestyén, Zoltán Kapusi – NÖRI The burial was indeed the most theatrical funeral ceremony of all times in the history of Hungary: as the politician acted as the engine of the Reform Age, was a charismatic man of state during the […]

Architects, Archive!

Szöveg: Ulrich Tamás
A KÖZTI 66 című könyv ünnepélyes bemutatóján is, valamint a FUGA-ban történt ismertetésen is elhangzott Ferkai Andrástól: „Ha nem semmisült volna meg a Közti tervtár anyaga nem is vállaltam volna a feladatot.”

The Fifth Tree Ring

A Brief Survey 2015 – Restoring Historic Buildings in Pest County Text: Gábor Nagy The leaflet titled A Brief Survey (in Hungarian: Egy kis mustra) has been published now for the fifth time with the ambition to present restoration projects of historic buildings completed in the current year. Launched in 2011, the year when governmental […]

Challenges of the Global World

Lecture in the Thursday School of MÉSZ Text: Ervin László Ervin László, a world famous science-philosopher, author and the founder of Budapest Club gave a lecture on December 18th, 2015 in the House of Architects. Organised by a civil academy named Thursday School, his lecture was primarily about the challenges the global world is to […]

A Changing World

A Holistic Approach to the Climate Summit in Paris Text: László Antal Z. Of all the changes affecting nature in the past two decades it was climate change that has generated the greatest interest of politicians, professionals and societies. Several diagnoses have been made of the ecological conditions of Planet Earth in the last decades, […]

Interactions of a Mental Map and Perception

Architecture and psychology, research and planning Text: Anna Losonczi A mental map (mindmap) is an image in our minds about the environment, which is primarily the result of perceptions, and which is constructed along a logic different from traditional geographical maps. It actually modifies according to subjective assessments of values and viewpoints and continuously changes […]

Remodelled Office Block in Kossuth Square, Budapest

Results of the Open Concept Tender The Office of the Hungarian Parliament published the results of the tender for concepts to remodel the office block at No. 6-8 Kossuth Square on December 14th, 2015. Designs based on architectural concepts to work out the facades and mass formation were invited. The call for the contest was […]

A Gentle Person, A Gentle House

Diploma Project, MOME, 2015 Concept: Bori Fenyvesi Consultant: Balázs Marián Although gentleness and tameness are phenomena present in the history of human culture and civilisation for several millennia, we hardly ever associate them with our objcts and spaces even if it could offer an important approach to our accummulated and still more and more accummulating […]

Alejandro Aravena

Alejandro Aravena of Chile receives the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize He practices architecture as an artful endeavor in private commissions and in designs for the public realm and epitomizes the revival of a more socially engaged architect. 
Chicago, IL (January 13, 2016) — Alejandro Aravena of Chile has been selected as the 2016 Pritzker Architecture […]

The tale of urban regeneration

SEM IX. Conference, Budapest, 23-24 November 2015 23 November 2015 – Conference Venue: Institut français de Budapest, 1011 Budapest, Fő u. 17. 9.30 Opening: Levente POLYÁK (KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre) 9.45 Dr. Ferenc GEGESY (Mayor of Ferencváros between 1990 and 2010) 10.15 Katalin ANDA (chief architect of Ferencváros between 1989 and 1995) 10.45 Bernard BOCLÉ […]