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    Thoughts Concerning the Conversion of the Quay in Budapest

    Text: Béla Nagy Dr.
    The quay on the Pest side of Budapest is an integral part of the city, and also a prominent part of the cityscape accentuating the picturesque view of the riverbank from Pest to Buda, the silhouettes of Gellért Hill, the Buda Castle. Seen from Buda, above the quay of Pest we have a view defined by a few, but still significant buildings: the Houses of Parliament, the Hungarian Academy of Science, the Vigadó and the Inner City Parish Church. From both sides of the River Danube beautiful bridges accentuate and divide the spectacle, providing a scale for the various sections of the quay. After the closure of the quay in Pest from vehicles, the issue of integrating it into the life of the capital city has been always on the agenda. The study below comments on this providing some up-to-date ideas.