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    A Library in Budafok

    Architect: Péter Hegedűs – Matesz
    Text: Anna Szabó
    Photos: József Hajdú


    The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library opened a branch library in the centre of Budafok in summer on a vacant lot with efficient public transport links developed in unbroken rows. The organizing principle governing the mass formation of the introverted building with a yard is the nine-metre difference of level bordering it. The variety of transparencies does not cease to excite the observer, and contributes to the creation of the intimate world of the library with an image exerting influence on its environment due to its indisputable architectural qualities.

    Client, main contractor: Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár
    Leading architect: Péter Hegedűs – Matesz
    Fellow architect: Csaba Vargacz – Matesz
    Structure: Ernő Zámbó – Statikus Stúdió ’93
    Electrical planning: Ferenc Rajkai – Hungaroproject
    Plumbing & HVAC: Tibor Battai – Battai Kft.
    Soil mechanics: György Kovalóczy – Trischler Hungária
    Elevator: Gézáné Makovsky