Acting Colours

National Tennis Centre, Budapest

Architect: Géza Kendik 
Text: Anna Zöldi 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

Colours applied in rich tones in architecture from the Art Nouveau style on were gradually pushed into the background and the passage of Art Deco also …

Sleeping Beauty Awaken

Ferry station, Szentendre

Architects: Antal Puhl, Péter Dajka 
Text: Tamás Ulrich 
Photos: József Hajdú 

Based on photos made of the former ferry station in Szentendre one can see that this ferro-concrete Sleeping Beauty was sleeping for quite a long …

A Milestone Brightening Up

Nordic Light Office Block, Budapest

Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, András Reith 
Text: Anett Mizsei 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

The concept of Nordic Light office block is based on motion and live experience, as a deliberate choice made by designers. Architects from …

The Principles of Space

Science Museum, Winton Gallery, London

Architect: Zaha Hadid
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Luke Hayes

The Winton Gallery is the first permanent public museum exhibition designed by Zaha Hadid Architects anywhere in the world. The gallery is also the first …

A Friendly Dwelling Machine

Energy-conscious detached house, Pécs

Architect: ifj. Istvan Kistelegdi 
Text and photos: Bálint Botzheim 

The energy-conscious detached house was born as the conversion of a cubic prefab block of flats built back in the 1970s as a series of terraced …

By Time it will Shine

The reconstruction of the minor castle in Fertőd

Architects: Viktor Szentkuti, Dénes Halmai, Csaba Molnár 
Text: Eszter Götz 
Photos: Zsolt Batár 

Since the early 2000s – first via scientific research work, then designing and from 2009 on via the …

Old Home, New functions

Plečnik House, Ljubljana – Piranesi Award 2016

Architects: Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, Matjaž Bolčin
Text: Edit Pálinkás
Photos: Tadej Bolta

The Plečnik House, the home of architect Jože Plečnik located in the leafy Trnovo borough, reopened in September 2015 …

Everything is all right

Piarist Kindergarten in Nagykanizsa

Architects: Balázs Falvai, Márton Nagy , Balázs Tatár, Dávid Török 
Text: Ferenc Cságoly 
Photos: Arion Gábor Kudász 

The Piarist school centre in Nagykanizsa has a history spanning over 250 years. In 1763 the landlord of the town, …

The Synagogue In Óbuda

Assumptions and reconstruction

Text: Rudolf Klein, Gergely Nagy
Photos: Rudolf Klein

The synagogue in Óbuda is a unique case in which modernisation has a clear lead, but the building still retains elements of the tradition in explicit architectural terms. …

(Re)creating Values

Recycling cloisters and their afterlife via contemporary architectural interventions

Text: Bianka Varga

Whilst transforming into a world of Christianity, the fate of religious orders and their institutions in mediaeval Europe ran parallel with the history of the church after …

Women Architects in the Socialist Era (1945–1989)

On a newly published collection of English-language essays

Text: Béla Kerékgyártó

How did they find their places and what was the role of women who were active as architects in the countries of the Socialist block? Was there any …

Architectural interest aroused by a variety of percepts

In the interiors designed by Tadao Ando in St. Louis

Text: Anna Losonczi 

This study examines the spatial experience based on the interiors designedby Tadao Ando in St. Louis. This survey relies upon the designers’intuition and weaves a short summary …